Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Latest Fight Against Corruption

During the trial of Nunun Nurbaeti at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court last Monday, the Prosecutors of the Commission for Eradication of Corruption (KPK) demanded the Court to punish her to four years in Jail, pay Rp 200 Million Fine, and Confiscate the amount of Rp 1 Billion.

Although her lawyers protested, but Nunun looked so happy, this is obvious because the jail term was one year lighter than the maximum ruled by the Anti-Corruption Law. Moreover, the Prosecutor did not mention her effort to avoid legal charges by leaving the country for two and half years.

The 61 years old wife of former Deputy Chief of Police Adang Darajatun is on trial for allegedly bribing 28 members of the House of Representatives with Rp 480 Billion in travelers checks. The checks were given after the members voted for Miranda Gultom in an election for Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Indonesia in 2004.

This is the second time that a Defendant was punished lightly after the Corruption Court sentenced former Treasurer of President SBY's Democrat Party i.e. Nazaruddin to four years and ten months in jail and a fine of Rp 200 Million for receiving Bribe of Rp 4.6 Billion in the Athlete Housing case last Friday.

This Court's sentence was much lighter than demanded by the KPK Prosecutor i.e. seven years in jail and fine of Rp 300 Million.

Beside the above crime, Nazaruddin must still face other legal charges such as the alleged money laundering in the purchase of Garuda Shares, the Hambalang case.

The above mentioned Prosecutors's Demand in Nunun's case and Court Verdict in Nazaruddin's case and other previous Court Verdicts (please click here) show that we are far from winning the fight against Corruption.

We can only hope that in the future the KPK would always do their very best to prepare every Corruption cases properly, obtain strong and convincing evidences before they brought them to the Court, and demand heavier punishments.

I would prefer that KPK's Prosecutor would always demand very heavy penalty, including Life or even Death Sentence, that way the Court can be expected to consider passing heavier Sentences.


Ario Antoko said...

tuntutan 4 tahun terlalu ringan, banyak koruptor Indonesia yg dihukum terlalu ringan

colson said...

About a year ago a Dutch correspondent wrote a that particular moment over 100 members of the ruling elite were either convicted or prosecuted for corruption related crimes.

Which means the anti corruption efforts bear results.

Yet at the same time it's amazing that, while everybody says he/she condemns corruption, graft, embezzlement or nepotism, this major moral, social and economic evil apparently ( still) is everywhere.

Actually, though severe punishment is appropriate, I doubt whether police, prosecutors and courts will solve the problem. It appears to be a fundamental social disease which calls for strong moral leadership.

(It is rather awkward if the anti corruption campaign is headed by someone whose political party seems to be riddled by corruption).

cicitHJHASSANu said...

solidariti untuk kami 28.04.12 sabtu ini dimana-mana saja anda berhenti melangkah,sambil duduk pun kami bantah...ayuh

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

It's better than never

Fahrizi Noer Fajar Azman said...

I agree with you...
i don't understand why KPK usually didn't solve the case. whereas, so many case must be solve by KPK.

I just hope that Nunun nurbaeti and nazarudin will have the heavy punishment.
And... I hope the media usually watch this problem.

Saya perhatikan, media di Indonesia ini gampang sekali teralihkan perhatian nya dengan pemberitaan lain nya. Padahal menurut saya berita yang lain nya itu hanya sebuah pengalihan isu.

harus nya media bisa konsisten dalam membahas suatu permasalahan.

It's just my opinion :)

salam hangat... :D

Anonymous said...

Good news. Go to hell for corruptor. Okey, thanks you so much for your good information, congrat n sucsesfull for you are....

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H. Nizam said...

Benar, makanya mereka tidak kapok-2.

@Colson :
I agree that in order to eradicate corruption effectively we need a strong and clean leadership.
But for the time being, I believe that there must be some sort of shock therapy, in this case heavy punishment, that would make people hesitate to corrupt.

Terima kasih atas kunjungannya, saya akan kunjung balik.

@Pak Utomo,
Let us hope there'll be improvement in the future.

I totally agree with that the media tends to be easily distracted by other issues in their reports.
Let us hope that from now on they would stay focus on corruption issues, although there are other new issues.

@Anonymous ( :
Yes, go to hell with corruption.

yadi said...

ikuy nyimak artikel nya gan, sukses terus gan

Aulawi Ahmad said...

that is a prove about injustice in our country :( but right or wrong we always love Indonesia hehehe

sm said...

1000 years of jail or death
is good punishment

H. Nizam said...

Terima kasih atas dukungannya.

Although I agree that "right or wrong Indonesia is my country" but still we must voice our opinion on things that are not going on properly.

Yeah we share the same opinion

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Stew said...

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john gray said...

which is shared by u and send to all over the world. i think corrupter are the like as punishment to him is same like terrorist. then they will fear to making corruption in future otherwise they are dangerous to country so lets come together and fight against corruption.

fight against corruption