Wednesday, October 12, 2011

World Cup 2014: an Almost Impossible Dream

Last night our national  football team was beaten by the Qatar team with a score of 2-3.

Playing in front of an audience of 28,000 at the GBK Stadium in Jakarta, our team, spearheaded by striker Cristian Gonzalez who made the two goals, didn't show their best performance, while the Qatar team played very well.

With this result, our team's chance to win the Asian qualification for the World Cup 2014 became very slim. It has to win three other matches against Qatar (11 Nov), Iran (20 Nov) and Bahrain (Feb 2012).

Frankly speaking, I am not really surprised with the result of above match. It is not that I doubt the capability of our team's players, but I am very disappointed with the management of  football in this country.

I don't know much about football but I felt that the change of chairman of the football association (PSSI) several months ago followed by the improper changing of coaches failed to improve performance quality of the team.


colson said...

It's a poor result for sure.

Famous coaches have said good organizations is a necessary condition for good results.

Fighting and incompetent boards, executives and managers, administrative chaos, the firing of a winning trainer-coach, the next to absent professional training and selection culture - it is a really long way to success.

[Maybe it is kind of solace that after 19 winning games in qualification matches for European and World Championship, The Netherlands lost against Sweden last night ( 3 - 2) :).]

smp 3 lembang said...

we need sustainable program to build a great team and I think it's a long-long way to world cup now

WebbieLady said...

Better luck next time... it's a team effort and winning and/or losing has so many factors. There are so many people playing in the field and if one memeber makes it not right, then the game can be ruined too... etc...etc... or if the coach is not with the team just like what happened to the coach of France last world cup.

H. Nizam said...

I totally agree with you.
The association's management is too politicized. The previous chairman was a Golkar man, the present one is from the association but backed by the Sports & Youth Minister who is top official of SBY's Democrat Party.
Rivalry between both parties has effected the football association.

You are very right Bang.

Yeah you've got a point there.

attayaya-nasikuning said...

hmmmm.... ntah apa penyebabnya.
tapi semua pihak harus mengoreksi diri sendiri dan mau dikoreksi agar Indonesia bisa menjadi lebih baik

H. Nizam said...

Tepat sekali anda. Semua pihak yang terkait perlu saling introspeksi diri, dan mengutamakan kepentingan bangsa dan negara.

r10 said...

kompetisi harus dibenahi, sehingga saat bermain di timnas, pemain tidak lagi melakukan banyak kesalahan mendasar

Vicky Laurentina said...

Hi, Nizam.

Indonesia's unluckiness is not just about the bad playing quality of the players, but it's also due to the bad management of Indonesian Association Football itself. Perhaps if our government would like to assume sport as professional work, we may hope better for World Cup 2014. Begins from recruitment for players from best qualities of each clubs spred in Indonesia, then training the players about basic team management and aso how to play sportively. It can't be finished in just a year probably, but it can take several years even to 10 years maybe. Yes, it sounds not possible, but the dream is still there. It's not just about 2014. 2114, perhaps. :)

H. Nizam said...

@Vicky Laurentia,
I fully agree with you.
Actually PSSI has quite good training program for various age groups, but implementation seems to be very difficult.

Ino Production House said...

saya tetap berdoa supaya negara ku indonesia bisa!