Thursday, September 23, 2010

Police vs Gunmen

The Province of North Sumatera has seemingly become a battle ground for the Police and unknown gunmen, the latest happened yesterday in Deli Serdang when unknown gunmen attacked a Police station and killed three Police officers. Please find below the news that I have quoted from CNN.

This incident happened only three days after the Police Special Unit Densus-88 raided suspected terrorists in Medan, killing 3 and captured 15 others.

Several weeks before that, a group of unknown gunmen robbed Bank CIMB-Niaga in the province's capital Medan, killing a Police officer.

I wonder whether there is a link between the three incidents.

Gunmen kill 3 officers at police station in Indonesia 

From Kathy Quiano, CNN

September 22, 2010 -- Updated 0216 GMT (1016 HKT)
Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Unknown gunmen fatally shot three policemen Wednesday at a police station in Indonesia's North Sumatra province, authorities said.

Men on motorcycles entered the police compound about 1 a.m. and shot the officers, who were on duty at the district police station in Deli Serdang, said District Police Chief Inspector General Oegroseno. Oegroseno, who goes by one name, spoke on local television.

The killings raised speculation about a link to recent police raids and the arrests of suspected terrorists in North Sumatra. No such link had been established, police spokesman Marwoto Soeto said.

On Sunday, Indonesian authorities killed three suspects and arrested 15 others in raids. Ties were later established between the 18 and terrorist groups, police said Monday.

The raids netted TNT and high-powered weapons, police said.

The three suspects who were killed Sunday, and three of those arrested, were involved in a bank heist in August, National Police Chief Bambang Hendarsono Danuri said at a news conference Monday in Medan, North Sumatra. The men belonged to a terror cell in charge of raising money to buy weapons, the chief added.

The suspects were part of a militant training camp in Aceh, which authorities raided earlier this year, and fled to nearby Medan to raise more money, Danuri said. Police are still hunting for other members of the group.

Terror cells in Indonesia have used armed robberies to raise money for their operations in the past.


colson said...

Aceh, Northern Sumatra, has been an area of insurgency before till 2005/2006. Does this violence mean it may start all over again?

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

udah mirip adegan di pilm2 aja

tcs0 said...

Damn. They got payback.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Colson...

Perhaps the question should be, "did it ever stop?"

@ Harry...

In many respects this should have been expected. After all, if there is any link to the earlier robbery, then it needs to be remembered that the perpetrators were highly organised and heavily armed. This in itself suggests that there is a more extensive network in place than the police are letting on.

H. Nizam said...

The fact that both provinces are closely connected by geographical position, cultures, history and many people in N Sumatra shared the same religion like in Aceh in Islam has made many things that happened in one of them felt in the other.

Iya seperti di film, menyedihkan.

That might be a possibility.

Many people shared your assumption about the way these cases have been handled. Some have asked the military to handle them. And I think it's okay to some extend.

boyin said...

reflection of indecisive Government of SBY

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boyin,
Yes this is one of the examples of indecisiveness of the government.


thanks for follow me in google friend connect now i follow back sir, about the policeman so sad , I just pray that everything will over no gunemn and now bad guy again

H. Nizam said...

Urban Blogger,
Thank for following my blog.
About the policemen, it is very sad.

perumahan di bandung said...

sy hoped police would soon arrest the perpetrators

perumahan di bandung said...

I hoped police would soon arrest the perpetrators

Somsi said...

The reason officers do the work is because they have a general concern for their communities and the welfare of those they help.

Anonymous said...

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gendowor said...

saya jago gunman nya,, polisi banyak polah,,, penjajah rakyat kecil

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Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

I really was not commenting on how the coppers were handling it or whether there was any conflict of interest or other sort of corrupt shenanigans going on...I was merely pointing out that if the two events were connected, and the police know that they are connected, then this suggests that the size of the terrorist organisation or robbers is much larger than the coppers know or are telling us.

Nope, on the military front. The military should be deployed only for military matters and not policing matters. This is a robbery, it is a policing matter and needs to be handled by the coppers who are tasked to do so.

H. Nizam said...

@Perumahan di Bandung,
Yes let us hope that the Police will arrest the perpetrators.

As law enforcement agency the police has reponsibility to maintain law and order in society.

Benar, mereka seperti sudah terlatih dengan baik.

Dalam menjalankan tugasnya untuk menjaga ketertiban di masyarakat seringkali Polisi harus bertindak tegas yang mungkin tidak disukai orang2 tertentu.

Thank you for the explanation, now I get it.
Re: military basically I agree with you. But if the 'bad guys' are well trained and armed military option should be considered.

watch hellcats online said...

jangan ngomongin polisi dah pak... ampun saya.. males liat polisi udah kayak pahlawan kesiangan aja

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H. Nizam said...

Watch Helicats Online,
Saya setuju bahwa ada sebagian anggota polisi yang sering bertindak tidak wajar. Tapi menurut saya tidak fair kalau kita menganggap semua polisi deperti itu.
Lembaga kepolisian sangat dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat dimanapun juga untuk menciptakan dan memelihara keteriban dan keamanan.

askep said...

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H. Nizam said...

Asalkan kepemilikan senjata api sah tidak apa2. Masalahnya ada kesulitan mengawasi kepemilikan senjata tsb

aqiqah said...

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aqiqah jakarta said...

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Percetakan said...

polisi baik =yes:)

Multibrand said...

Polisi adalah manusia karena itu ada yang ada yang jelek.

Saya setuju dengan anda

percetakan said...

kapan mau bener2 aman kalo gini?

Anonymous said...

Kita hanya dapat berdoa agar negeri kita segera aman sentosa