Monday, September 6, 2010

My Ramadhan Evaluation

Three weeks have passed since the holy month of Ramadhan began on 11 August 2010, and during that time Muslims around the world have fasted every day from dawn to dusk.

Beside not eating and drinking fasting people should control their emotion, sexual desires and always be wise in whatever they say and do. Beside that, certain percentage of our annual income should be contributed to help poor people.

In Indonesia, this holy month has been marred by the sea border incident between Indonesia and Malaysia that led to anti-Malaysia protests by group of people claiming to be defender of sovereignty using vulgar and irrational methods, which are absolutely against the spirit of Ramadhan, e.g throwing human feces to the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and demanding for war.

But thank goodness, religious groups who used to love violence seemed to be rather calm this time.

Further, there were protests against corruption related matters, like President SBY's granting of remission to corruption criminals including the father-in-law of SBY's eldest son, and the announcement of Corruption Erradication Commission (KPK) about politicians who were named as suspects in Bribery case. 
Besides, there was the bloody clash between citizens and the Police at the town of Buol, Central Sulawesi Province, caused by the mysterious death of a Police detainee.

Furthermore, there were the natural disasters i.e. eruption of Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra, and the heavy rain falls that inundated many places, including parts of Jakarta. 

On the personal front, although I always fast i.e. not eat and drink everyday, however I have not been so successful in fulfilling my other Ramadhan obligations e.g controlling emotions, words and acts.
The difference is that every time I did it, I immediately aware of my mistake and therefore able to apologize to people who I thought might have been hurt by what I have said and done.

Now that we still have three more days of Ramadhan, before Eid Ul Fitr on 10 September, and starting today I am taking my Hari Raya Lebaran holidays until 14 September, I hope that I would be able to improve the quality of my fasting.


Edwin's Personal Blog said...

Mas Harry, I would like to deliver you a happy Idul Fitri. May all of us be blessed with health to get along with the next Ramadhan...

H. Nizam said...

Thank you very much for your
early Idul Fitri greeting.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Idul Fitri and sincerely hope we will all be blessed with great health for the next Ramadhan.

bolehngeblog said...

if i'm not wrong, in indonesia, fasting is start at 11 august 2010 not 10 august??

H. Nizam said...

You are right my friend, thank you for reminding me. I have correct the date accordingly.

colson said...

Wish you a great Idul Fitri as well as a wonderful short holiday.

berpikir positif said...

Happy idul fitri too my friend I hope Allah will be give us long life and we will find the next Ramadhan

Referensi apapun said...

may all the blessing and the happinest with us friend

Herdoni Wahyono said...

This article is very interesting to read. Months is impressive because many of the things that we gained during this Ramadan. Hopefully we can take lessons from these events. Thank you for your sharing.

Menjadi blogger Yang Bahagia said...

Ramadhan May I find you again

julicavero said...

just wanna to say happy ramadhan..hope your wish will be true this time.

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your greetings.

@Berpikir positif,
Thank you, let's hope that we shall all experience the next Ramadhan.

@Referensi apapun,
Let us hope so.

@Herdoni Wahyono,
Thank you for the kind words. Every Ramadhan thought lots of lessons in life.

@Menjadi Blogger yang bahagia,
Yes, let us hope that we'll find the next Ramadhan.

Thank you for the greetings.

tonino said...

Happy Holidays my friend!

Daun Muda said...

come here, and say haloo friends ...

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Hope it hasn't affected your blogging Harry? If so, get back into the rhythm.LOL


Ferdinand said...

Akhirnya kita sampai dipenghujung dan harus berpisah dengan bulan ramadhan.....minal aidzin wal faidzin kawan... mohon maaf lahir batin..

bolehngeblog said...

tanpa bermaksud SPAM karena komentarnya tidak berkaitan dengan postingan, tapi hanya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya idul fitri 1431 H (bagi yang menjalankannya) Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin..

sekalian, saya dah "follow" blog ini...
please, follow juga blog saya ya...trims


H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your kind greetings.

@Daun Muda,
Thank you for your visit, comment and following my blog on GFC. I'll follow back.

I would be spending my time celebrating, hopefully I would still be able to update as frequently as usual.

Mohon maaf lahir batin.

Mohon maaf lahir batin dan terima kasih anda telah follow, saya akan follow balik.