Friday, July 9, 2010

Tempo, ICW and the Police

Last week, 30,000 copies of Tempo magazine's June 28-July 4 edition were missing on the first day of their
circulation in Jakarta and vicinity.

According to the news media reports, those magazines were purchased by some men in Police uniforms and riding Police cars, in an effort to prevent the magazine from circulating to the public.

In reaction to this allegation, National Police Chief PR Inspector General Edward Aritonang told reporters that the Police felt humiliated by the picture on the front cover of said magazine which depicts a Police officer pulling some Piggy Banks, titled: "The Fat Bank  Deposits of Police Officer."

The Police and Tempo were about to settle their disputes amicably, mediated by the Press Council,  when two mysterious men riding on a motor cycle threw two Molotov Cocktail bombs to Tempo's office in Jakarta last Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, an activist of the Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) i.e. Tama Satya Lankun, was stabbed by some unknown men while he was riding motor cycle. The reason is still unknown, but his colleagues in ICW told reporters that Tama has been investigating on the treasures of Police high ranking officers.

Meanwhile, President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) says that the attacks on Tempo and ICW activist may have been carried out by a third party, and he therefore orders the Police to investigate this case.

I hope that the investigation would reveal what has actually happened.

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umihoney said...

Is the allegation against the police personnel being investigated too.Perhaps an independent panel should look into the allegations.

colson said...

Serious allegations of corruption by police officers is heart of the matter.

So primarily I wonder who will investigate in what way that issue. And when and how the results will be made public. It is a shame authorities and organizations who can be held accountable to take action, seem to have been in hiding till now.

The piggy banks 'affair' is laughable and the Molotov cocktail is plain police matter (let them do just their job right and arrest the perpetrators). Both is charivari in the light of the main issue.

H. Nizam said...

Yes the best way would be to
let an independent commission
to investigate the whole case.
That way a fair result can be expected.

I am not sure how and when the investigation be held, and will the result be announced to the public.
It can take longer than they investigate the sex video case.