Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Man detained at a Women's Prison

Alterina Hofan, a married man, is being tried at the District Court of South Jakarta for allegedly falsifying his birth certificate.

The strange thing about this case is that the Prosecutor has suspected that Alterina was born as a female, therefore he was detained at the Pondok Bambu Women's Prison.

Please find below an article in The Jakarta Globe for more details on this case..

Alterina Hofan with his wife, Jane Deviyant. He has been arrested for allegedly falsifying his birth certificate, with prosecutors saying he was born a woman. He is being detained at a women’s prison. (JG Photo/Zaky Pawas)
Alterina Hofan with his wife, Jane Deviyant. He has been arrested for allegedly falsifying his birth certificate, with prosecutors saying he was born a woman. He is being detained at a women’s prison. (JG Photo/Zaky Pawas)

Gender Confusion Lands Suspect in Women’s Prison 

Although Alterina Hofan says he is a man, authorities think otherwise and have detained him at Pondok Bambu Women’s Penitentiary for allegedly falsifying his personal data.

Alter, as the 32-year-old is also known, said he was born a boy but because his male genitalia did not develop properly when he was a baby, his mother decided to registered him as female, even dressing and treating him as a girl. However, he says he grew up thinking he was a boy.

Only when he was in his teens did his penis finally develop, Alter added.

Doctors at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Central Jakarta, Alter said, had diagnosed him as suffering from Klinefelter’s syndrome, a sex chromosome disorder which reduces testicular hormone production and can result in abnormally small testes and underdeveloped genitalia.

Alter was reported to the police by the mother of Jane Deviyant, 23, a deaf girl he had married in Las Vegas in September 2008. The woman’s mother, who was a friend of Alter’s, believed he was a woman, not a man.

Alter said he had always felt he was a boy growing up, adding that when he was in elementary school, he would always ask to wear trousers and not skirts.

Alder said he was physiologically a man and could perform sexually as such. “Just ask my wife,” he said.

But law enforcers beg to differ, arguing that the results of a lab examination had showed that he was a woman.

Sugiyono, assistant for general crimes at the Jakarta prosecutors’ office, said that although Pondok Bambu initially declined to accept Alter because he appeared to be a man, its warden relented after being given an explanation by prosecutors.
“The rejection was because of misinformation,” Sugiono said, “she is really a woman.”

Mother-in-law Maria Grace, who opposed the marriage, reported Alter to the police in October for falsifying personal data on his birth certificate. Alter said it had been unofficially altered by his mother to rectify the initial mistake.

Sugiyono said the indictment had been forwarded to the South Jakarta District Court and a trial was imminent.

Alter said that as a result of his chromosome disorder, he had grown breasts. “My breasts grew but not big,” he said, adding that he had them surgically removed in Canada in 2006.

“Jane knows that I have undergone breast reconstruction,” he said.

The couple was introduced by Grace in Singapore, where Jane was visiting during holidays from her business administration studies in the United States. Despite Grace’s objections, Jane and Alter met in secret and, eventually, also married in secret.

When Jane finished her studies and returned home, however, Grace found out about the marriage and forbade her to contact Alter. In the end, Jane left her mother to join her husband.

Grace had initially reported Alter to the police for allegedly abducting Jane, but the investigation was later dropped because Jane said she had gone with him willingly.

Jane said she could not accept being separated from her husband. Although Alter was not detained during the police investigation, he was taken into custody on Thursday once his indictment was filed with the court.

“If he is detained I want to be detained with him,” Jane said.

“I am really happy. Please, mother and father, do not separate us. I know what I want.”


Gwei Mui said...

This is terrible.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Hey, I'm still confused,harry.

H. Nizam said...

@Gwen Mui,
Yes, it's really terrible.

The suspect's mother in law reported him to the police for allegation of deceiving ID and falsifying birth certificate because according to her knowledge the suspect is a female. Because she knew the suspect's back ground. Based on this police report the prosecutor brought the case to the court.
It is very interesting to know about the development of this case.

Sara and Zoe said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our site the other day! We would love to stay in touch.
Have a good week!

Viee_Hanny said...

A bit confusing case .. ^_^'
But interesting to know..

H. Nizam said...

@Sara and Zoe,
Thank you for dropping by. Let's keep in touch.

It's good to see you again here. Confusing indeed.

robert said...

Unbelievable! There must be a way to prove that he/she is a man or woman.

linda zhao said...

Wow, too complicated...

H. Nizam said...

That's reality. The police, prosecutor and the court would not process the case and arrest the suspect if they do not have strong legal grounds.

It is very complicated.

colson said...

This is a case of senseless humiliation; a vulnarable individual threatened to be crushed by rigid rules applied by an inhuman but powerful bureaucracy.

Cogadget said...

Its totally ridicilous

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

This is very wrong. The world is cruel

H. Nizam said...

I agree with you. One thing I am curious is that why the suspect or his lawyers did not request for a suspension of detention considering it is not a major crime like murder, terror, drugs trafficking. But the law agencies must have strong reasons for detaining him.

Yes it's sounds ridiculous imdeed.

Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I'll follow yours too. Thank you for the comment.

Zoe Brain said...

I'm Intersexed. There's more of us than you think. Despite my anatomy, my Birth certificate says "boy". I looked more like that than a girl at birth, the opposite problem to this case.

Almost all people with 47,XXY chromosomes have male gender identities, and are far more male than female in their anatomy. There are exceptions to both, but relatively few.

1 in 500 people who look male are 47,XXY, it's one of the more common Intersex conditions. Many don't even know they're 47,XXY, as symptoms vary, and some show little difference from the norm. Besides which.. having small genitalia is not something a guy wants publicised.

Indonesia's barbaric treatment of Intersexed people is not that unusual around the world. But it shows a complete ignorance of biology, and both ignorance and bloody-mindedness on the part of the police.

It's obvious that this is all to do with religious objections to same-sex relationships, and the growing power of violent and often ignorant fanatics in Indonesia. He's just been caught in the crossfire.

Personally... I think his biggest problem is having the Mother-In-Law from Hell. And I'm glad for his wife that she's finally gotten out of the clutches of that harridan.