Sunday, May 9, 2010

Airport's Full-Body Scanner

Since they were introduced several years ago, many people have protested the use of Full-Body Scanners at airports around the world, claiming that they invade privacy and may violate the Pornography Law. 
Apparently, Kompas reported (below) that such scanner has caused a fight among two airport security officers in the United States.  
I wonder whether such incident ever happened at the airports in Indonesia.

Penis Jokes Lead to Airport Security Assault
Jumat, 7 Mei 2010 | 09:19 WIB - A US airport security screener allegedly beat up his colleague for poking fun at the size of his penis during testing of full-body image scanners.

Rolando Negrin was arrested after attacking a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker at the parking lot of Miami International Airport, The Miami Herald reported yesterday. 

Negrin had been the butt of his colleagues' jokes for a year after the security scanners - which are used to detect foreign objects hidden under a person's clothes, but also show a person's private parts - revealed he had a small penis.

The frustrated screener told police "co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis and ... he could not take the jokes any more and lost his mind".

Negrin waited for his colleague at the parking lot on Tuesday after work, saying he wanted to talk about "respect", the Miami New Times reported.

When the colleague refused to let him into his car, Negrin allegedly whipped out a baton and started hitting him on his arms and back.

The alleged victim was forced to kneel and say "I'm sorry" to Negrin, before getting into his car and speeding off, the Times reported.

Negrin was arrested the following day.

A TSA spokesman said in a statement his organisation had "a zero tolerance policy for workplace violence" and were "investigating to determine whether training procedures were violated".

Testing of full-body scanners already take place in 19 US airports, included Miami International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, CNN reported.

The scanners have caused controversy around the world since they came into use, with claims they invade privacy and may breach child pornography laws.

Full body scanners have been trialled at airports around Australia and the Federal Government announced in February they would be put into regular use in the next four years as part of a $200 million airport security shake-up.


senja said...

selamat malam ^^

colson said...

Bullying at school, at the office, at airports.. leads to small of huge drama's.

This is a small one which shows that size matters ( to some).

H. Nizam said...

Halo Irma, senang sekali dikunjungi oleh anda.

Ha ha ha ....
I wonder whether the full-body scanner is effective in preventing armed man from entering a plane.

analou said...

Although many people think that is against our privacy but if we think the big picture why did the government put this scanner is to prevent plane hijacking and terrorism. I don't know what else to say. Thanks for sharing...

senja said...

good morning ,.... thanks for visiting to my blog .... sometimes confused to give comments on your blog, hikksss my English .... not good. Maybe I should bring a dictionary during a visit to your blog: p

* have a nice day....

Yari NK said...

I think every method of anything (including that of body scanning) have both downsides and upsides. This body scanning can cut all unnecessary lengthy procedures short, but of course it is always coupled with negative sides too including the revealment of the most private body parts. But I believe this can be minimised by putting more responsible and more qualified personnel for the task...

H. Nizam said...

I agree with you, in spite of the possibility that the scanner might be used by the wrong people, but the main purpose is for better security.

Hi Irma, I really appreciate your comments, you are always welcome here. Don't worry about language because English is also not my mother tongue. Comment in Bahasa Indonesia would be okay too.

As any other equipments, the scanners depends on those who are using them. If they are used by rightful persons, it would function well.

Wrist man said...

hi. friend...I am delta follow you from blogcatalog.your blog so good.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Wrist man,
Thank you very much for kind comment.

Miko said...

Foto itu asli bos...
jadi malu donk klu sampe keliatan gituan :)

H. Nizam said...

Jelas malu.
Terima kasih atas komentar anda.

nircable said...

lihat positifnya saja. siapa tau bawa yang nggak2 Plus dapat malu juga.