Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Before 21 May 1998, Indonesian labors were not allowed to celebrate the First of May a.k.a May Day.

Because until that date, Indonesia was ruled by pro-capitalist governments who think that only Socialists and Communists celebrate that day. For the same reason the use of the word Labor was changed to Worker. And there is a single central national-based labor organization recognized by the government.

After that, Indonesia became a democratic country and Labors are allowed to celebrate the May Day, and express whatever opinion and react against anyone they do not like any time they want.

Unfortunately, labors are not united, there is not a strong national based organization, each of them with its own agenda.

Considering the above, I hope that labors in Indonesia would make their best efforts to be united so that their voices can be heard and taken into account. Otherwise they would only be victims of circumstances i.e. used as tools by others, especially politicians.


colson said...

Right, the first of May:

"Then come comrades rally!
"And the last fight let us face.
"The Internationale
"unites the human race!"

So, being a weathered, old-fashioned and very soft kind of social-democrat and union-member, I wholeheartedly second your opinion.

Shabab Haider Siddique said...

Let the day bring joy and pride to the proud builders,labourers who just does not design but builds nations.

H. Nizam said...

It's very sad that governments every where tend to always be on the sides of business owners.
Actually if labors are given better conditions, business would benefit and so will the government.

@Shahab Haider,
Yes, improvement of condition of labors would surely improve the condition of the nation.

Dr. Heckle said...

I agree laborers need to stand together or large corporations and governments will run right over them.

katy said...

THanks dear for your kind visit...

H. Nizam said...

@Dr Heckle,
Thank you for your visit and comment.

You are welcome my friend