Friday, May 8, 2009

Social Media for Lawyers

Social Media like Blog, Facebook and Twitter has enabled the creation and maintenance of business relationship among people, including lawyers, all over the world.

In this regards, Legal Blog Watch has quoted the conclusion of Marketing Sherpa in its 2009 E-commerce Benchmark, as follows:

Social media is essentially a set of technologies and practices that enable the oldest and most powerful marketing there is -- word of mouth. In the long term, social media may have a positive effect on margins by rewarding sellers for qualities beyond price, such as customer service, on-time delivery, social awareness and the like. In the short term, it makes sense for companies to build an expertise and social presence while consumers and
business people are still in the process of building their networks. Like the early days of email, it's probably a lot easier to make a name on Twitter or Facebook today than it will be in five years.

After blogging intensively for 8 months, registered with Twitter for one month, and Facebook for seven days, I must admit that the above conclusion is right! Therefore, the Social Media is worthwhile indeed for lawyers.


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