Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Murder of a Reporter in Bali

People all over the world are expecting that members of Parliament consists of respectful, good, honest and patriotic persons who have high moral standard and self integrity. That way, they can properly serve the people who elected them as representative in handling state affairs.

In reality, we saw/heard/read news about unlawful conducts of Members of Parliament (MP), many of which have been prosecuted & jailed. The latest one being a candidate MP in Bali i.e Nyoman Susrama, who according to Temporinteraktif, has been arrested by the Police and named as suspect in the murder of a Journalist of a local news paper Radar Bali i.e. Agung Gede Narendra Prabangsa.
The arrest was made 3 months after the Police found the dead body of Agung near the Padangbai sea port on 16 February 2009. Earlier, the Police said they are investigating the possible motives of the murder, the most likely being Agung’s article in Radar Bali about misappropriation of funds in the development of an international kindergarten project headed by Nyoman.

Considering that Nyoman is a candidate in the local Parliamentary election last April, in which his political party won a seat, I hope that the Police would thoroughly investigate whether or not he is really involved in the murder.

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