Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Man Behind Antasari

The Police have arrested Antasari Azhar, non active Chief of the Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK), as Prime Suspect in the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, Director of a State owned Company.

According to news media, Antasari did not plan it by himself, but someone arranges & financed the operation i.e Sigit Haryo Wibisono, President Commissioner of the Merdeka daily newspaper.
According to Politikana, Sigit is the son of the former Chief of Staff of the Diponegoro Military Command who started his political career by joining the Golkar Party, and has served as Assistant to the Minister of Social Bachtiar Chamsyah of the People Development Party (PPP). After he left the Golkar Party, Sigit joined former President Abdulrahman Wahid's (Gus Dur) party i.e the Nation Awakening Party (PKB), & persuaded the latter to dump Muhaimin Iskandar and his men from the party’s leadership, splitting the party into two i.e. pro Gus Dur and pro Muhaimin. And during the Parliament Election last April, PKB was represented by Muhaimin's group.
Moreover, he was also reported as being involved in intelligence activities of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).
And Sigit has also been reported to have connections with some prominent figures in Indonesia i.e former President Megawati, former Soeharto’s son in law Prabowo and former Chief of the Armed Forces Wiranto. His relationship with KPK began when he was Assistant Minister of Social Affairs, during which he reported about corruptions in the Department. Besides, he was a member of Antasari’s success team when the latter was nominated as the chief of KPK.
Sigit's role in the murder was revealed by the former Chief of South Jakarta Police i.e Collonel Williardi Wizar, who said that Sigit has gave him Rp. 500 million for operational costs of the murder.

In spite of media reports that the cause of murder was the dispute between Nasrudin & Antasari over a Golf Caddy Girl i.e. Rani Juliani who is now under Police protection, however there were some doubts about it. Kompas quoted Antasari’s lawyer Juniver Girsang as saying that there is a hidden scenario behind this murder case, especially because Antasari has been fighting corruption intensively.

Considering the above, I believe that Sigit knows about what really happen, that this case is not merely a romance case. I hope that the Police investigations of this case would lead us to the real answer.


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