Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online registration of companies

Last night, a friend of mine asked me how to establish a new company in Indonesia, and I replied that first of all he should create alternative names for the company; then decide its line of business, its capital, and its shareholders (at least two). Afterward he should ask a Notary Public to arrange legal process starting from checking the name that can be used for the company, prepare Article of Association etc. Since 2001, contacts with the Department of Law & Human Right, regarding establishment of companies, can be done through the website www.sisminbakum.com which provides information regarding laws & regulations in Indonesia that can be followed, studied and analyzed by the public. Besides, it also provides data bases regarding Companies, Notary Public, Professional and Social organizations. Services provided and their Tariffs are as follows :
1. To request for a Company Name Rp. 350.000(PPN10%)
2. To Establish or Amend Legal Entity Rp. 1.000.000(PPN10%)
3*.To check the Profile of a Company in Indonesia Rp. 250.000
(Directors,Shareholders,Capital,Purpose & Intention)
4*.Legal Consultation Rp. 500.000
*Based on the instruction of the Director General of Public Law Administration, the above Points 3 & 4 is being suspended until further notice.

In spite of the fact that this online system is still not 100% effective, however it would help Notary Public in providing a faster and better service for their clients. Unfortunately not all Notaries use the system, I know this because I have five Notary Public friends who still have not use it.

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