Sunday, October 5, 2008

Execution of the Bali bombers

In spite of the fact that the Constitutional Court is still examining the request of the attorneys of the Bali bomber(Imam Samudra,Ali Gufron,Amrozi) for judicial review of the method of execution stipulated by Law 569/Pnps/1964, Tempo reported that the Attorney General Office will carry out the execution within this year. According to the spokeman of the AGO i.e Jasman Panjaitan, the exact date has still not been decided yet, pending the decission of the Supreme Court on the Judicial Review. But if the Constitutional Court failed to pass decision immediately, the AGO plan to carry on with the execution by the end of this year. The Judicial Review has been requestd by the Bali bombers' team of attorneys, because execution method stipulated by the above Law will ruthlessly torture their clients who has ruthlessly killed 202 people in Bali in 2002. So, they asked the said Law to be revoked.
Considering that the Constitutional Court has other cases that must be decided, it would be best if it can make immediate decision on this case. Let us hope that whatever decision the Constitutional Court will make on this case, it will only be based on the best interest of all the people in our country.

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