Saturday, October 18, 2008

KPK strikes again!

KPK once again shows that it is very serious in doing its duties to eliminate coruption in our country. Bravo! According to the Jakarta Post, KPK spokeman Johan Budi announced on Friday that KPK has arrested 6 suspects involved in the corruption at the Department of Manpower & Transmigration in the year 2004. They were allegely involved in foul play in said Department's equipment procurement for its training centers throughout our country causing a state loss of Rp 13.6 Billion. Appointment of suppliers was carried out without tender thus violated the 2003 Presidential Decree regarding standard procedures for procurement of goods and services for the government. The suspects will be charged of violating Article 2 and 3 of the Anti Corruption Law, with a penalty between four until life imprisonment. On the same day, KPK also arrested two officers of our Consulates in Kuching and Tawau, Malaysia i.e Irsafly Rasul and Makdum Tahir respectively, for allegation of manipulation of Immigration fees during the period of 1995 until 2005 which cause the state to suffer financial loss of Rp 11.7 Billion. KPK has named 9 suspects for this case, including two of our former Consuls in Kota Kinabalu i.e Arifin Hamzah and Mohammad Sukarna.

We are very happy that KPK has been very dilligent in eliminating corruption in Indonesia. But considering there are so many corruption cases to be investigated, let us hope that it will give priority to handle corruption cases which have caused much greater losses to the state, as the BLBI cases, illegal logging cases, etc. While the other cases (with lesser value of state loss) can be handled by the Attorney General Office.


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