Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miyabi's Indonesian film

The Eid holidays have enabled me to browse the internet to look for interesting news that I never posted on my blog.

And one of the sites that provide such news is the blog of Rob Baiton, former English Editor of law site Hukumonline. This blog has interesting posts (and naughty photos) of some Indonesian celebrities like Krisdayanti, Manohara and Miss Indonesia 2008.

One post that drew my attention is about Japanese Porn Star Maria Ozawa a.k.a Miyabi who plan to play in an Indonesian movie : Kidnapping Miyabi scheduled for release at the end of this year.

The movie will purely be a Comedy, without any sex scenes, written by popular young blogger Raditya Dika, and produced by Maxima Pictures. The movie tells about a man, played by Raditya, who is so obsessed to Miyabi that he plan to kidnap her.

In spite of the above, the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Council(MUI) protested the movie plan, saying that Miyabi's status as a porn star will create bad image on Indonesia's film industry.

For details on the above, please click here, here, here and here.

It would be interesting to know the further development of this movie, especially in connection with the recently passed Law on Film bill.


Rob Baiton said...


Once again, thanks for the plug.

Yes, how this would play out under the provisions of the new law would be interesting to say the least. I am guessing though that the film will pre-date the new law.

I really do not understand how this harms the image of Indonesia on the global scale or how it damages the Indonesian film industry more specifically.

Perhaps this is just a ploy by the MUI to stay relevant in today's pop culture world?

H. Nizam said...

I think the movie producer would be careful not to violate the new law.
Re: MUI's opinion, according to the media is personal opinion of its chairman, not sure whether the other members of MUI will share that opinion.