Saturday, September 26, 2009

Complaint against Indonesian Paper

The United States of America have been very worried about the export of Wood and Wood Products from Indonesia and China.

This can be seen from the fact that the U.S government has recently issued the Lancey Act which require that exports of the said goods should be based on legal trading.

At almost the same time, three U.S Paper companies and a workers union submitted petitions to the U.S. Department of Commerce & International Trade Commission (ITC), claiming that Coated Paper imported from Indonesia & China have been exported to the country at abnormal low prices. They said that such sales has eliminated thousands of American jobs and are hurting American producers. So, they called for Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy duties against Chinese and Indonesian coated paper.

The companies need to prove to the U.S Dept. of Commerce that Indonesian & Chinese governments provided subsidies to coated-paper producers, and they were sold in the U.S. at prices below the home-market price or the cost of production. They also need to show the ITC that the paper imports caused material injury to the U.S. market or threaten to.

For detailed media reports on the above, please click here and here.

It is very sad to know that Indonesia is being accused for selling Paper products at very low prices, considering that Indonesia has sacrificed its Forrest Trees to be cut down & sold as raw materials for those products.

Photo: Courtesy of Kabar Indonesia.

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