Sunday, July 11, 2010

Indonesian Fashion Bloggers

With a population of 238 million people, Indonesia has the potential to be one of the countries in the world that has the largest number of bloggers.

This can be seen from the fact that since the blog was introduced in Indonesia in the early 2000, the number of bloggers has increased three times in 2009.

What's interesting is that according to Indonesia Matters, the only site that provide blog ranking, the chart toppers are fashion bloggers who are mostly young ladies.

Please find below an article on this matter that I have quoted from Maverick, a Jakarta based PR agency.

The Rise of Fashionista 2.0

When blogging started to develop in Indonesia in the early 2000s, many people were skeptical. Some wondered if it was only a passing trend, others fretted about telling it all over the internet. In spite of all these concerns the number of Indonesian bloggers has tripled from those early days to around 6,340,000 today, according to Add this figure to Wordpress and Multiply databases, and the number comes easily up to about 10 million.

There has been a shift on what’s popular among blogs though. In the early years the most popular blogs were IT-based blogs. Then came public affairs and socio-politics, together with personal journals about daily life.

In 2009, however, blogs dedicated to hobbies and lifestyles, particularly fashion, started to take off. Today the chart toppers, at least in Indonesia Matters – the only blog ranking list in Indonesia so far – are fashion bloggers Diana Rikasari (, Evita Nuh (, Dotie ‘Eclectic Du Jour’ or Michelle (
Diana Rikasari ( was one of the early bloggers. Starting in 2007, her blog had first mover advantage and has been featured in well-known teenage magazines such as Cosmogirl, Kawanku, GoGirl and B’Girl. She loves Bloop, a local fashion brand, so much that the company asked her to launch her own fashion line ‘Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse’ on December 2009. Her blog is #1 in Indonesia Matters website and her influence stretches to 2,629 visitors per day.

Perhaps the enfant terribe of Indonesian fashion blogs is Evita Nuh (, who is only 11-years old but has a precocious fashion sense that would put Hollywood celebrities to shame. Her prosaic writing style and taste in clothes has propelled her to become one of Indonesia’s top bloggers, commanding a readership of 200 visitors per day.

Yet another current top blog in the charts is Cotton Ink (, which is also the brand for a line of clothes. Started in November 2008, this local brand by Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono has succeeded in building an avid loyal fan-base. The clothes are simple, yet interesting and considered cute since people could wear it in any way they like and as far as their creativity goes.

Then there is Fashionese Daily ( where Indonesia’s fashion and beauty fans could get information about fashion and makeup, meet other fashion and beauty enthusiasts, discuss topics in the forum and even submit articles.

Amalia Sari, one of the founders of @dandanpolfriday, mentioned some important factors that make fashion and lifestyle tweets and blogs getting more popular; “People, especially girls, love to show-off. In term of stuffs, you could get fashion stuffs cheaper and easier by buying it online in which leads us to the Internet phase. 

Regarding fashion and lifestyle Twitter accounts, Twitter accommodates us in term of easiness of sharing links with others. 

The phenomenon of fashion and lifestyle blogger also supported by magazines that keep putting young bloggers and online shops in their articles and in return, it creates buzz among the people.”


Rob Baiton said...


Interesting post.

I used to frequent IM a little bit in the past. But, since I no longer qualify as an expat blog in English I tend to spend a lot less time there.

It seems to fit though. The idea that fashion bloggers are doing well in Indonesia. Let's face it, Indonesians like their gossip and like their fashion.

There is fashion history in Indonesia as well with batik and other types of textiles and fabric. So, I guess what I am trying to say is that these fashion bloggers doing well is not a surprise ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
You are very right, the fashion bloggers deserved their popularity and this is not surprising.

Unknown said...

Great posting!!

colson said...

Well, if this is true, it is a good omen. It shows blogging isn't dead (, it is alive and kicking ( in Indonesia). And - perhaps even more important-Indonesian girls rule.

Unknown said...

@Marcia Sylva,
Thank you for the kind words.

I believe that blogging is far
from dying. For me, microblog
like Twitter and social media
like Facebook instead of "killing"
they supplemented blogs.

fairuz said...

this is interesting fact. i never thought of Indonesian bloggers is as many as that.

I watch tv, cewek Indonesia are so beautiful..and i think thats why young ladies fashion bloggers are doing great there...

Unknown said...

Please take the liberty to visit the blogs that I have linked on my post.
Thank you for coming and commenting.

Unknown said...

Interesting indeed. It is good that blogging has empowered the women.Well done.

Unknown said...

Yes, glad that blog empowers women now.

Eksi Romiasih said...

First time I became acquainted with blog in 2006. but then I don't know what a blog function. I just start blogging again in 2009. um .. if I am diligent blogging since 2006, I must be famous like them also. lol

Unknown said...

Eksi Romiasih,
My mother used to tell me: "When there is a will, there'll be a way"
the point is as long as you have the will, and work hard and smart, you can be as popular as the design bloggers.

dining tables said...

I find Indonesian fashion blogger so great. I have read some of their blog and I was so impressed in their works. I am sure Indonesian blogger is going to be known in just no time.

Unknown said...

Dining Tables,
Yes they are good and creative.
Hope they will also be known abroad.

VICKYFF said...

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Glamour tips said...

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Unknown said...

That's what my mom use to say : whne there is a will there is a way.
Thank you for dropping by.

@Glamour Tips,
Thank you for coming and commenting.

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