Friday, June 1, 2012

Is Pancasila still Relevant?

On 1 June 1958, Indonesia's first President, Soekarno, delivered a speech saying that Pancasila i.e. Five Principles, is the ideology of the the Republic, since then the said date has been celebrated as the birth date of Pancasila.

Pancasila consists of the following idealistic principles :  1) Belief in One God;  2) Civilized Humanity; 3)  Indonesian Unity;  4) Representative Democracy;   5) Social Justice.

Before liberal democracy came to Indonesia on May 1998, the ruling governments of President Soekarno (1945-1966) and President Soeharto (1966-1998), have force the adoption and implementation of Pancasila in the sense that every people and organizations must adopt Pancasila as a single ideology, otherwise they would face legal consequences.

The introduction of liberal democracy after Soeharto stepped down from 32 years of authoritarian rule on May 1998 is like the opening of a Pandora Box that enabled all sorts of social disease to come to Indonesia.

Every people and organizations in Indonesia are free to adopt all kinds of ideologies they want, whether they are moderate, or extreme, fanatic, religious, tribal etc (except Communism).
As a result, the belief of the majority of the country's population i.e the Religion of Islam, became the ideology of many socio-political organizations.

The adoption of religious ideology by extreme and fanatic people has caused social conflicts in provinces of Maluku, and Central Sulawesi, also a series of suicide bombings of innocent local and foreigners, in Jakarta and Bali.

Moreover, indecisiveness and failure to enforce laws against repetitive violent actions by fanatic organizations like the FPI against Christians and Ahmadiyah, has made those organizations more stronger, and weaken the government.

In spite of the above mentioned facts, I believe that Pancasila is still relevant for a multi-racial, tribal, religion, country like Indonesia, provided that the Rule of Law is upheld, therefore the concepts of Supremacy of Law, Presumption of Innocence, and Equality before the Law is maintained.

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Jolly Princess said...

It is nice to learn about cultures and history of other countries. Thanks for sharing the story, Harry.

colson said...

It was not without historic irony one of the five principles of Pacasila was "representative democracy". This principle was announced at about the same moment the President introduced "guided democracy in Indonesia. Yet I believe Pancasila was and is a token of Soekarno's wisdom.

Yet I agree with you write the conditions: Pacasila yes, but provided "the Rule of Law is upheld, therefore the concepts of Supremacy of Law, Presumption of Innocence, and Equality before the Law is maintained".

By the way: I'm not sure the all social evils "came to" Indonesia after '98. I very much doubt whether they are "imported commodities". I think it's more likely the religious, cultural,social and ethnic contrasts, differences,frictions and controversies did exist already. They just had been oppressed, smothered or crushed by Soeharto's iron fist. But he obviously didn't solve them. On the contrary. Since the Reformasi they just came into the open.

Harry Nizam said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.

Actually representative democracy is adopted everywhere in the sense that people elect someone to represent them in handling state affairs.
During the Suharto era, the government made efforts to eradicate Sukarno's role in the birth of Pancasila. At that time they said that Pancasila wa founded by M. Nasir.
You are right that the "evils" have actually exist since the Suharto era but was somehow hidden from public.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

I belief Pancasila is still n always relevant, but the problem is how people implementation Pancasila with consistent.

Harry Nizam said...

I am glad that you also think that Pancasila is still relevant for our country. Let us hope our leaders would do their very best to uphold Pancasila i.e. by enforcing the laws on anyone who acts contradictory to Pancasila.

Lestari News said...

i think Pancasila is not relevant because Pancasila made by human

Harry Nizam said...

Pancasila as a theory was founded by men, they don't make it.
Anyway, I respect your comment. Thank you for your visit and comment.

Jefry said...

Saya juga meyakini bila Pancasila masih sangat relevan dengan bangsa kita sebab ini adalah pondasi sekaligus ideologi kita
Bila kita menghapus Pancasila tentunya kita akan kehilangan jati diri dari Indonesia itu dxan mungkin akan mengikuti arus yang dibuat dari bangsa lain daru berbagai aspek hidup..

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ikut menyimak gan :) artikelnya sangat bagus sekali semoga bermanfaat

Harry Nizam said...

Benar sekali.
Mudah2an seluruh bangsa kita dapat menjunjung tinggi Pancasila.

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Mr.odoy said...

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Mr.odoy said...

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tripandtravels said...

karena Pancasila adalah pemersatu Negara Indonesia, dan untuk semua agar tidak terjadi perselisihan antar agama, suku, dan apa aja lupa aku

obat herbal jantung said...

iya nih, pancasila apakah sudah relevan dan sudahkah diamalkan?
dari sila kedua saja sudah tercermin

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andien said...

pancasila still relefant..but I think pancasila democratic is an ideologyc which made in Indonesia only

dandy said...

pancasila ideologic is only made in indonesia

Outbound said...

Sila keberapa yg sudah berhasil direalisasikan?

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