Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tax Report and Corrupt Taxmen

After a couple of weeks of procrastination, last Wednesday afternoon I finally submitted my Annual Tax Report with the Tax Office at Kebayoran, South Jakarta.

Unlike in the past, I was so reluctant to submit this year's annual report, because I was very disappointed with the news reports about corruption at the Directorate General of Tax revealed by former Chief of Detectives of Police Susno Duadji about the swindle of billions (or trillions) Rupiah of Tax payers money by Taxmen, including Gayus Tambunan who was freed by the Court because of supports from officers of the Police, District Attorney and the judges of the District Court of Tangerang.

However,  I refuse to support fellow citizens who tried to persuade people not pay tax, not only because it is a crime to do so, but also because Tax is a source of state income needed to finance development and for the welfare of the people and country.

If we are disappointed with the misuse of Tax money, we should protests to the relevant institutions i.e. the Directorate General of Tax, the Minister of Finance, the law enforcement agencies and the Court Judges who freed the corrupt Taxmen, also the Immigration Officer that let Gayus escaped to Singapore.
Although the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General Office have not investigate the acquittal of Gayus, however the Minister of Finance has dismissed 10 of Gayus' superior officers and the Chief of Police has dismissed two high ranking officers.

I was grateful that last Wednesday, 31 March, the Police have brought back Gayus, therefore I was enable to submit my Tax Report on time. 


Bobi said...

here in south africa, i'm having similar problems. it's been a year since i submitted my tax. SARS confirmed they owe me money and i'm still waiting for it! it's been the worst service i've ever received from them. if u get a monkey to do the job, what do you expect?

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for sharing about the service of tax office there which seems to be similar to what's going on here.