Sunday, January 4, 2009

Russian Mafia & Prostitution

Prostitution is the Oldest Profession in the World
That’s an old adage that people used to quote whenever they are talking about Prostitution.

And that’s exactly what I have in my mind when I read an article in Kompas about the Russian Mafia 's business activities in Jakarta and other cities in South East Asia, which includes making arrangements for Prostitutes from Russia and other Eastern Europe countries to work as Lady Escorts and Massaseurs. The article quoted some of the women as saying that they left their countries because the Prostitution Tariff there is very cheap compared to other countries. Over there, for a short time service they would only be paid US$ 50.00, while over here they will be paid US$ 150.00.
The article further mentioned that beside from Eastern European countries, there are also Prostitutes from China practicing in Jakarta.

Unfortunately, the article did not mention about the working status of those women, whether they are legal or illegal. But considering that our country has never issued Working Permit for Foreign Lady Escort or Massaseurs, and obviously there is no such thing as Permit for Prostitution either for Locals or Foreigners, therefore most likely Working Status of those women are illegal.
The existence of those Foreign Prostitutes in Indonesia is an irony, because we often read, heard, or saw news about Government’s efforts to eliminate Local Prostitutes by conducting frequent Police Raids on Hotels, Motels, Room Rentals, Nigh Clubs, Bars and the streets. Although the fact shows that soon after the raids are over, those Prostitutes would show up again.

In conclusion I would like to say that if we want to eliminate or at least minimize Prostitution Practices, serious efforts must be made by the government and its Law Enforcement agencies against all Prostitutes, Locals and Foreigners, that is by being consistent in implementing the laws and regulations.


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